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  • Spooky Nook LANCO
  • 1901 Miller Rd, East Petersburg, PA, 17520 US

Presale ┃Wednesday, Sept 28

PRO TIP: Shopping the Presale provides access to the best selection and biggest bargains. Super Savvy Shoppers are invited to purchase a Prime Time ticket. We also invite First Time Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Homeschool Parents, Military Families, Healthcare Heroes, and First Responders to be our special guests.

Public Sale Days ┃Thursday, Sept 29 & Friday, Sept 30

This sale features fall & winter clothing and shoes plus everything else related to kids and pregnancy. Grab a friend or family member and stock up on everything for the next 6 months. Children & Strollers are welcome and do not need a ticket.

Discount Days ┃ Friday, Sep 30 - Saturday, Oct 1

A good thing just got even BETTER! Any item without a 🌟 will be HALF PRICE.

Friday evening is the 50% off Presale. Admission is $5 per family. Children and strollers are welcome and you get to shop BEFORE the general public.

Saturday is our Public Shopping for the 50% Off Sale. Tickets are FREE!

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